Our Story

We’re a family-owned, craft gin liqueur company in Herefordshire. We care deeply about the British countryside and marvel at the quality ingredients it yields to make the finest gin liqueurs.

We only use real fruit - nothing artificial - and carefully blend them with top-quality British gin to hand-produce eight tantalising flavours.

We take our time during the manufacturing process whilst we gently steep, allowing nature to slowly release all the goodness and zest of the countryside which can be found in every single bottle of Gun Dog Gin Liqueur.


We’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with different fruit over the years, and have whittled our final range down to the truly Great Eight’!

We heartily recommend a visit to Herefordshire but if you can’t make it, try a taste of it at home with Gun Dog Gin Liqueurs!

It’s awesome, so paw some!