Gun Dog Gin Herefordshire

Gun Dog Gin HerefordshireGun Dog Gin. Herefordshire

Blackcurrant Gin

Gun Dog Gin Blackcurrant

Fruit: Pixley Black Blackcurrants which are grown in our neighbouring village by our friends at Pixley Berries.

Serving suggestions: Great with Prosecco as a variation to the traditional Kir Royal or any mixer due to its intense flavour.

Damson Gin

Fruit: Damsons from across Herefordshire.

Serving suggestions: On its own as a winter warmer, with Prosecco or with a local apple juice that can also be enjoyed warm.

Gun Dog Gin Damson

Cherry Gin

Gun Dog Gin Cherry

Fruit: Cherries grown just outside Ledbury. They aren’t around for long so we have to be quick!

Serving suggestions: Enjoy with soda, lemonade or with fizz. (Bubbles are a re-occurring theme as what doesn’t go well with Prosecco?!)

Quince Gin

Fruit: Putley Quince, some of which are grown in our late friend Helen Arthur’s garden who was the brains behind this flavour and a great supporter of GDG.

Serving suggestions: On its own with cheese and biscuits.

Gun Dog Gin Quince

Raspberry Gin

Gun Dog Gin Raspberry

Fruit: Raspberries grown in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

Serving suggestions: Best served with (you can probably guess) Prosecco!

Rhubarb Gin

Vegetable (Rhubarb is in fact a vegetable!): Grown by a lovely couple in Redmarley, Gloucestershire

Serving suggestions: Best served over ice or as a substitute for pudding wine.

Gun Dog Gin Rhubarb